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The Villa Passalacqua is a luxury Lake Como villa rental.  A 5 star property that runs from high up in the village of Moltrasio all the way down to the lake's shore.  Over the centuries, the Villa Passalacqua has played host to numerous musicians, artists, writers and statesmen including Napoleon Buonaparte, Vincenzo Bellini and Winston Churchill.  The villa and its exquisite gardens are perfect for hosting Lake Como weddings, corporate events or simply for a relaxing family vacation.  For guests seeking luxury on Lake Como but don't need the size of the Villa Passalacqua, the Villa Bellini is perfect.

Of all the Lake Como Villa Rentals available the Villa Passalacqua has the richest history.

The Villa Passalacqua was constructed during the American and French Revolutions. To create a villa that was simple on the exterior and elaborate inside, Count Passalacqua retained Italy's foremost architect and interior designer, Felice Soave and Giocondo Albertolli. They gave the Villa a neoclassical look with columns, pillars, elaborate stuccowork and ceiling decorations.

Vincenzo Bellini was one of the world’s most important composers of opera in the first third of the 19th century. He died in Paris in 1835 at the height of his success.  He wrote his most important operas (Norma, Sonnambula and La Straniera) while at the Villa Passalacqua where he lived from 1829-1833.

The Villa Gallery

  • Top of the Entry Way
  • Dining Room with Appiani Fresco
  • Swimming Terrace
  • Wine Room
  • Music Room
  • Beautiful Bathrooms throughout the Villa
  • Suite Laura
  • Bar with 300 Year Old Fireplace
  • Tuscan Dining Room
  • Bluethner Baby Grand
  • Suite Bellini Bathroom
  • Suite Bellini

While Felice Soave designed the Villa Passalacqua to have a simple facade, Giocondo Albertolli designed the interior to be an elaborate showcase. The marble pillars, Corinthian columns, Appiani frescoes and Greek designs are a hallmark to this neoclassical masterpiece.


There are eight beautiful suites in the Villa Passalacqua that average 1300 square feet in size.   Most have ornate and original ceilings.  The suites are filled with beautiful antiques, Venetian chandeliers and Persian rugs gathered over centuries.


The public rooms are exquisite with stunning furniture and important works of art.  In the formal Dining Room is a fresco by Napolean's chief artist, Andrea Appiani.  In the Music Room are beautiful 200 year old frescoes by Albertolli and in the Bar is a gorgeous, carved stone, 400 year old fireplace that would have been passed down over the centuries from the Passalacqua Family.

The Gardens

The gardens of the Villa Passalacqua are considered some of the most historic and beautiful on Lake Como. Beautiful weddings  and special events have been held in the gardens of the Villa Passalacqua.  The gardens are laid out over numerous plateaus and contain the ornate Tuscan Garden, the Fruit Orchard, the Rose Garden, the Kitchen Garden, the Cutting Garden and the spectacular Swimming Terrace.


The Villa Passalacqua also enjoys its own marina with a private dock for guests who would like a boat during their stay.  Just outside the gates of the Villa is the quaint village of Moltrasio with its numerous restaurants, churches and meat/cheese/bread shops.  The Villa Passalacqua is a perfect base for enjoying the Lake or visiting the lakeside City of Como, fashionable Milano or beautiful Lugano, Switzerland

  • Swimming Terrace
  • Top of the Staircase
  • Villa Passalacqua in the Evening
  • Fountain with View of Lake
  • Main Entrance Fountain
  • Tuscan Garden
  • View of Villa
  • Gazebo
  • The Swimming Terrace
  • The Villa's Private Marina


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